Frog 1/72 P-61 Black Widow… 19 effing 65 baby! (Part 3)

Posted by Rob on Apr 18, 2015 in Modelling Frog-spawn

Frog kits challenging? Nah… there’s nothing to that kit. No internal detail, no difficult landing gears to align, nothing of that ilk…

Which means I will be compelled to do that myself, foooooool that I am…

But look what my mate dropped off friday night! (he forgot the decals…)

It’s for the Italeri kit. This kit -definitely- isn’t the Italeri kit… But that’s not going to stop me. I started with one of the fun bits; the rear hatch. Loads of tiny PE parts that need to be folded and made to fit a very different kit.

I annealed the hatch part and rolled it between a brush handle and a bit of tissue to get it to curve…

…and used the PE part to mark where the hole is going to be.

Ofcoure the curve of the fuselage on the Frog kit is totally different from the Italeri kit. So I need to replace some PE parts with thin styrene bits.

But about two hours of soft-voiced blasphemy later we have a hatch…

…and a hole to fit it in (with some Bluetack for now…)

Some ribbing fitted. Just needed a little trimming to work. And you can see the PE bit to make a map case…

The instructions tell you to fold a piece of PE into a map case, which ends up being about 1mm by 4mm…


How about we stick the flap and top bit to a piece of 1mm styrene?

Close enough!

Time to ransack the spares box for a couple of seats and see if we can make something resembling a cockpit…


Frog 1/72 P-61 Black Widow… 19 effing 65 baby! (Part 2)

Posted by Rob on Apr 18, 2015 in Modelling Frog-spawn

Blimey… 1965… https://www.scalemates.com/products/product.php?id=162040

This thing is actually older then I am!

The raised detail is very fine, and I will try to save it whenever I can. But the cowling-flaps bother me…

So, first an undeep cut with the razor saw…

…and some judicious filing, fettling and sanding later we have enough room to add new cowling flaps from 0.25mm styrene strip.



Frog 1/72 P-61 Black Widow… 19 effing 65 baby! (Part 1)

Posted by Rob on Apr 18, 2015 in Modelling Frog-spawn

My entry for a nightfighter SIG on Flory models… something ancient. I got this mad idea to do all SIGs and GBs this year with Ye Olde Dogs of a kit… (except the Egg-plane fest… might do something special for that one..)

Ye Olde Box!

Savvy folks among you might have noticed the lack of top turret on this one. But I will probably scratchbuild that.

Ye Olde Plans!

‘Splodey-view FTW!

Ye Olde Pile’o’Parts!

The kit was like that when I picked it up at a model show aaaages ago. Looks like several of the previous owners unpacked, examined and repacked it all. But I think it’s complete.

Dryfit of the main hull with the clear parts, which are very nice considering the age of the kit.

As you see; no top turret. But I am sure I can bash something together. The interior as provided is very sparse too, but my mate indeed still has the Airwaves PE set (for the Dragon kit) and I am going to use that to make something. But that will have to wait until after X-mas, since I won’t be seeing my mate until then.

He also had some Black Widow decals left over from a Nightfighter set I could have to replace the sad little roll of decals that didn’t survive all the years…

But! I can crack on with the rest of the kit, starting with the wings…

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